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In addition to a few recent projects here in Seattle, we’ve noticed that there are some great examples of architecture that have been around for decades and should be represented. Today’s post should bring you up to speed with the current work as well as some staples of Seattle design that we should all be familiar with. Many more on The Modern List Seattle… and as always, let us know what we missed.

Recently, the City of Seattle authorized the painting of repetitive geometrical patterns to the underside of some of the more oppressive I-5 underpasses. We got our own up here in Ravenna, and we have to admit that it makes the pedestrian experience much more pleasant. Coincidence that we named this location as one of the top candidates to turn into a legal graffiti park in an earlier post?
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

The geometrical frames also allow for some good impromptu Banksy like stenciling.
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Four Seasons Hotel and ART restaurant, 99 Union St


[Photo courtesy of The Four Seasons]

Spring Hill Restaurant in West Seattle at 4437 California Ave SW, 206.935.1075 by Heliotrope Architects

[Photos courtesy of Spring Hill]

Remedy Teas on Capital Hill at 345 15th Avenue East, (206) 323-4832 by Adams Mohler Ghillino Architects
[Photo courtesy of Remedy Teas]

Queen Anne Residence on 8th Ave W by Eric Cobb


[Photos by BUILD LLC]

Queen Anne Residence by Olson Architects
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Sea-Tac Airport Concourse A addition by NBBJ, landscape architect Robert Murase
[Photos by BUILD LLC]

4109 Lake Washington Blvd S. designed by Thomas Isarankura, developed and built by Ainslie-Davis Construction. The house is currently on the market and BUILD kicked the tires at the open house. We were very pleased with the overall design, detailing and amazing lot. Nice job to the develop/design/build team.
[Photo courtesy of Ainslie Davis Construction]

Seattle’s finally got itself a good place to buy European city bikes. Dutch Bike Co., 4421 Shilshole Ave NW, 206.789.1678

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream Shop, 1622 ½ N 45th St, Wallingford, 206.547.5105
[Photo by TinderBOX]

Trabant Coffee Shop downtown at 602 2nd Ave by Bo Hagood of Made LLC and Travis Latta of Lattaworks
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Seattle Public Library Montlake Branch by Weinstein A|U
Weinstein AU- Montlake Library
[Photos courtesy of Weinstein A|U]

Bethany Community Church‎ at 8023 Green Lake Dr N by Miller|Hull

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Fremont Peak Park is one of the best little secrets of the city. Located in Fremont near the zoo at 4357 Palatine Ave. N, by Haddad-Drugan. Read about the complicated process to get it realized here.
[Photos courtesy of Haddad-Drugan]

Novelty Hill Januik Winery at 14710 Woodinville-Redmond Rd NE by Mithun


[Photos courtesy of Mithun]

Seattle’s starting to feel a little more big city with the push for better transportation and real transportation maps (inspired by the New York Subway system maps).
thanks to Gavin for the tip
[Image courtesy of Puget Sound Rail]

Pifer House, 1217 Willard Ave W at Parsons Gardens by Ralph Anderson, 1970
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Marine Sciences Building on the UW campus by Liddle & Jones, landscape by Richard Haag, 1967
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Nuclear Reactor Building on the UW campus by The Architect Artist Group (Lovett, Streissguth, Zema, Torrence), 1960. The building was recently added to the state list of historic buildings, read more about it here.
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

The New Modern List
July 24, 2008, 10:27 pm
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Thanks to the constant harassment of our tech savvy friends, we’ve finally migrated the Flash based Modern List website to an html blog format. Subsequently the new and improved Modern List has a fresh face and better function (hopefully). The benefits are:

The Modern List now works on your iPhone, Treo and Blackberry
There are hotlinks to Google Maps for addresses & auto dial hotlinks for phone #s
The entire site is now html so you can copy and paste the text
The loading should be a bit faster
It’s easier and faster for us to update the content
Our friends can’t make fun of us anymore for using Flash

The disadvantage of moving from a Flash based site is that we have less control over the graphics and composition of the site – but we’ve done our best with the WordPress template. The Flash based site also worked well with the Adobe Illustrator files which were the source files for the physical book. So there won’t be a book anymore -but who needs a book when you can get it on your iPhone.

So take The Modern List Seattle for a test spin and tell us what you think. After we get some feedback we’ll continue to update the other cities and maybe even add more…

The Modern List Seattle
May 11, 2008, 11:06 pm
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It’s time to get a few newly discovered and recently remembered items up on the blog. Last Friday evening the University of Washington held their annual Headlines Exhibit which highlights dozens of architectural projects that will soon be in construction. It’s a rare view at the design process and a great way to keep a pulse on what is coming Seattle’s way. It only runs for two weeks so get over to the UW and check it out. There are many more recommendations for Seattle at The Modern List and, as always, give us a shout if we missed anything.

2008 UW Headlines Exhibit from May 9 to May 25
College of Architecture and Urban Planning, 3949 15th Ave NE, 224 Gould Hall

[crappy photo by BUILD llc]
To you smaller architectural practices out there – this annual exhibit needs you. When first started, the exhibit was a good spectrum of northwest firms doing local work. Gradually the exhibit is getting consumed by the big sweat-shop design firms doing high rise projects in distant places. It’s losin its soul – so cowboy up next year.

Stumptown Coffee on 1st Hill, 1115 12th Ave

Café Press on 1st Hill, 1117 12th Ave, 206.709.7674
Some nice industrial interior design and a rack of cool magazines at the front.

Poco Wine Room, 1408 east Pine Str, 206.322.9463 by Department of Design

The Bernard in lower Queen Anne, Denny & Warren Ave N by Weinstein A|U
kudos to the developer and architect for doing something lasting and sharp.

[Photo by BUILD llc]

Fix design showroom, 570 1st Ave S, 206.838.3838
Newly remodeled, they rep cabinets, plumbing fixtures and all the cool stuff that goes along.

Joule restaurant, 1913 N 45th Str, 206.632.1913

[Photo by The Seattle PI]

Carnitech Headquarters at Pier 91 by Patano + Hafermann Architects
Some of you may have noticed this clean, modern piece of architecture going up between Queen Anne and Magnolia. Nice job to Chris and Laura of Studio PH on the completion.

[Photo from

Standard Home 1108 Pike Street, 206.464.0850
Beautifully restored Scandinavian and mid-century modern furniture.

Seva Home, 900 Lenora Street #116, 206.323.9920


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