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January 21, 2008, 11:51 am
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As BUILD steps into 08 we figured it would be a good time for a progress report. We’ve had the opportunity to work with extraordinary individuals this last year and the work continues to get more and more exciting. We’ve also got some openings coming up here in the New Year – so if you know anyone looking to have some cost-effective, modern work done – send them our way. Here’s a brief show-n-tell of what we’re currently up to:

The Dr. Marc Ferrin residence on Bainbridge Island is in construction. The skin includes a Cembonit panel rainscreen and clear sealed t&g cedar. Dark bronze aluminum windows by Milgard allow expansive walls of glass and corner windows.

Ferrin Residence

Ferrin Residence

Ferrin Residence

The Medina Residence is nearing completion. A Swiss Pearl rainscreen is used throughout. Deep wood soffits and large clear fir windows add warmth to the envelope.

Medina residence

Medina residence
Photos by Swiss Pearl


The Park Modern building was completed in August. The mixed use project includes the Herkimer Coffee Shop, Tenpachi Salon and the BUILD world headquarters. Only 3 of the 12 hot, modern residential units are left.


Park Modern
Photo by Art Grice

Park Modern details, photo by Chase Jarvis
Photo by Chase Jarvis

Park Modern, photo by Chase Jarvis
Photo by Chase Jarvis


A new project in Magnolia is a remodel of a mid-century modern home with a fantastic view of Seattle and the Cascade Mountains. The project is currently in design development and is coming along quite nicely.

Magnolia Residence

Magnolia Residence

Magnolia Residence

The Concord Studio & Penthouse projects will turn a couple of condominium units into seamless, modern interiors. The design includes translucent stair treads by 3Form, Henrybuilt cabinets, Raumplus sliding walls, and a 3 sided Montigo fireplace.

Concord Penthouse 03

Concord Penthouse 03

Concord 616

The Tenpachi Salon was completed recently and is open for business. Owner, Dot Hachey, gives modern cuts and has an array of well designed items for the home and body.

Tenpachi Salon

Ten Pachi Salon, Seattle, photo by Aaron Leitz
Photos by Aaron Leitz

609 West Kinnear Place is a develop-design-build project of ours which was recently completed and is now on the market.

609 West Kinnear Pl

609 West Kinnear Pl
Photos by Aaron Leitz


Andrew’s Queen Anne Condo has been remodeled and is ready to rent. If you know anyone looking for a nice, modern apartment in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle send them our way. See the 400KB .PDF Here.

Park Terrace 303
Photo from private deck by Roberto Bojórquez Alfaro

Park Terrace 303
Photos by B.J. van Leeuwen


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I’d love to see more of the Ferrin and Medina when they’re finished. Both are looking really good so far.

Looking at the Magnolia makes me wonder why spec house builders don’t build houses like this. It’s simple, respectable, and contemporary. Instead, they’re busy filling the world with poorly designed fake colonial, georgian, victorian, spanish-revival, etc…

I like the Park Modern building, but the prominent unfinished concrete makes me sad. Is there a reason it was left unfinished? I love concrete, but I really really do not like it when it’s unfinished. It’s ugly even when it’s recently done, and it gets worse as it ages and gets green gunge all over it.

Comment by pnwra

pnwra – Thanks for the interest, we’ll get additional photos of Ferrin and Medina up as they near completion. I’d be interested to hear more about the finishes you prefer on concrete. Paint, clear seal, skim coat? Typically, we try and leave materials as natural as possible; often the weathering adds a dimension of beauty that is impossible to achieve through other means. The concrete on the Park Modern was challenging though – you may know of some applications that we don’t know of or didn’t consider.

Comment by Andrew

Here’s a link to a photo I took in downtown Portland because it shows both finished and unfinished concrete in the same photo. The photo is a bit big, so you might have to zoom in.

The exterior of the building in the photo looks like the concrete has been smoothed out and is stained to be a little darker than normal. Two thumbs up for this.

Then notice the concrete used to make the ramp walkway. Unfinished, ugly, blah. No effort has been put into this. You can see marks where the moulds were. It’s a mess. Two thumbs down. No walkway ramp of the year award for them!

Comment by pnwra

Love the Medina residence. I am trying to convince my spouse that this is the way to go on our new home near Durango. Wuestions: Why Swiss Pearl versus HardiePanel?

Comment by Jim Hoffman

Jim – While Swiss Pearl is more expensive than HardiePanel it is more durable and more exact. The options for color and texture are also greater with Swiss Pearl.

Comment by buildllc

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