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Today we’re going to throw some more recent Seattle projects at you. Some of them are hot off the press and others have been around for several months. All are great additions to our little city. A big thanks to the restaurants that let us drop by and get a few photos.

Txori, 2207 2nd Avenue, 206.204.9771

While we’re not food critics the food here is excellent and it offers the small northern Spain tapas experience you last had after visiting the Bilbao Guggenheim. The design is kept simple and timeless – using the tidy organization of beautifully stored foods as the kitchen backdrop. The rotating art is simple and unassuming. There isn’t much elbow room but that’s precisely the authenticity you’re going there for.








Kurrent Restaurant + Bar, 600 E Pine, 206.323.1923

The interiors do a nice job of creating separate gathering areas that aesthetically relate to one another. A sleek see-through fireplace near the entry helps warm the body and spirit. The dark sumptuous structure is balanced with refreshing lime green furnishings.














Boom Noodle, 1121 E Pike Str, 206.701.9130

Boom has a policy of no interior photos (at least for us) so we won’t be showing off the slick interior – you’ll just have to experience it in person. The trendy restaurant and bar is situated in the extremely well designed Agnes loft building.


Boom Noodle




We have no idea who designed these restaurants – if you know, drop us a line, we’d love to give the architects and designers credit. For food reviews sink your teeth into this site on local restaurants.


Agnes Lofts, 1121 Pike Str (at 12th)

Clean, rational and inspiring. Weinstein Architects + Urban Designers LLC have a long track record of doing very handsome work in the northwest. The building houses 24 apartment units and ground level commercial space, including Boom Noodle restaurant.


Agnes Lofts


Agnes Lofts

Bertschi School, 2227 10th Avenue East

Miller Hull knocks the ball out of the park yet again with this regional modernist gem. The lucky elementary students attending this school will experience warm, sensible design from the get go.


Bertschi School


Bertschi School



Many, many more at The Modern List Seattle


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I will have to go visit these projects. A little gem I found in downtown Edmonds is Walnut Street Coffee. Very playful and fresh.

Comment by Java Jack

Java Jack – We’ll go check out Walnut Street Coffee, thanks for the tip.

Comment by buildllc

Foundation Design did the T.I. for Boom Noodle.

Comment by Kevin Tabari

Kevin – thanks for the info, it’s too bad Foundation Design doesn’t have more of a presence on the web – they do nice work.

Comment by buildllc

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