The Modern List Give-Away
April 21, 2008, 9:02 am
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The glacial freeze has finally thawed on the east coast which means that it’s time for us to head to Manhattan. Prior to each trip we get The Modern List guide tuned-up for optimal performance. With the latest edition we said goodbye to some old friends like Double Happiness (we miss you already) but say hello to some new ones like Momofuku Ssam Bar. Our little 32 page guide to all things modern is, once again, ready to be dragged from the Cooper Hewitt to The Storefront for Architecture, ready to be soaked in Vodka at Pravda and marinated in Gin at Morgans, ready to be stuffed in pockets, flaunted to strangers, and forgotten on the A train. With the latest edition we’re having a few extras printed for our friends who have actually made it this far through the blog. For the first ten people to post a comment we’ll send you (or the individual of your choice) a brand new Modern List Manhattan 5th edition, hot off the press and free of charge. This hot little baby is a limited edition <translation: it’s a total pain in the ass to generate and we rarely print them out> so get one while you can. They’re just sitting here on my desk like a steaming little stack of pancakes so post an email address or some other way to contact you and we’ll coordinate the mailing address you’d like your copy to go to.

If you miss out on the give-away you can always download the PDF files and make your own, click here and select “physical copies”.

…and the results are in. The map below indicates the home towns of our 10 winners. Nicely done Salt Lake City, way to represent.  9 of the 10 TML Manhattan books are in the mail, with one winner missing in action. – where are ya?


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I’d love a copy for my next trip to Manhattan. Great work with the blog, its nice to read a blog with much more substance than just “pretty pictures”

Comment by James Kennedy

Suh-weet. What a great giveaway. I really get to be #2??

Comment by gdesign

What a deal – an NYC guide just in time for my ICFF trip. Keep up the good work with the blog.

Comment by Scott Hinton

ah, just in time for a trip to the city. it’s been too long! can’t wait to find out what’s made it on the hot-list. thanks!

Comment by david newkirk

i would like mine soaked in vodka please.

Comment by insitu jeff

yes yes! can’t wait to see it and put it to use!

Comment by em

Looks great! Love your blog.

Comment by Lee

Thanks, your blog is awesome.

Comment by winston

I would like one too :) Thanks!

Comment by Dina Baloyan

Someone had to be #10. Thanks

Comment by Jim Bischoff

…and if I can’t have a job, I gotta get something from you guys.

Comment by Jim Bischoff

HA! Nicely done everybody, we’ll be in touch with you in the next couple of days for your contact info.

Comment by Andrew

Oh man, I just got back from Manhattan and could have use the list!

We did the Momofuku Noodle and think while it’s good, it wasn’t a blow-out by any means. Bossam is good stuff, so Ssam bar sounds promising. Or try to get a reservation at Ko!

In preparation of my trip, I built a custom map of the Manhattan buildings that I wanted to check out, maybe you’ll find it useful:

Comment by william lai

William my friend, after the great support you’ve given to your friends at BUILD over the years, the least we can do is get you a copy of the updated modern list. We’ll be mailing one out immediately (we know the address). Cheers!

Comment by buildllc

oh, so terribly sad! like william, i just returned from nyc. i too complied a google map remarkably similar to william’s (i was sure to include the muji store). however, my google map and book of maps is a bleak comparison! what a beautiful little publication! i will have to keep my downloaded ( :( ) copy on hand for the next trip.

i stayed at the pod hotel…fun + hard to beat for the price.

thanks for the blog…new reader, but already devoted.

Comment by syd

after i snag the deborah j norden grant (ha, long shot!), i’ll pass along the vorarlberg modern list.

Comment by mike

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