The Modern List San Francisco 2

We’re back from San Francisco and regret to inform you that we missed a ton of hot spots in our pre-trip research. So many in fact, that it calls for a Modern List aftermath blog-post. Work some of these into your next San Francisco outing if you can:

Blue Bottle, 315 Linden Str

There’s a cool little architecture firm right next door, Sagan Piechota, who seem to be responsible for the sharp, well-crafted storefront

Coffee Bar, 1890 Bryant Str, 415.551.8100

Universal Café, The Mission, 2814 19th Str, 415.821.4608

[Photo from Daily Feed]

Farina, 3560 18th Str, 415.565.0360

[Photo from Cooking with Amy ]

Frjtz, 579 Hayes, 415.864.7654

Zuni Café, 1658 Market Str (btwn Franklin and Gough), 415.552.2522

Local, 330 1st Str, 415.777.4200

The lobby includes a great Kitchen and Wine Merchant

Salt House, 545 Mission Str, 415.543.8900

Nida, Hayes Valley, 544 Hayes Str, 415.552.4670

Azalea, Hayes Valley, 411 Hayes Str, 415.861.9888

AB fits, North Beach, 1519 Grant Ave, 415.982.5726

Dish, 551 Hayes Str, 415.252.5997

Sean, 575 Hayes Str, 415.431.5551

Flight 001, 525 Hayes, 415.487.1001 (travel accessories)

Xanadu, 140 Maiden Lane, 415.392.9999, by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1948

[Photo by Betsy Malloy 2005 ]

For cool designer clothing: Hayes Valley, Hayes Str & Gough Str

For modern Interiors & Furnishings: Montgomery Str & Broadway Str

More recommendations on The Modern List San Francisco

Also, for food reviews and additional information we like Eater SF because they have nice big photos of the places they review and they give you the links to the restaurants.


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In addition to the fabulous commercial structures, SF has some great modern residential architecture. While most of the noteworthy modernist properties are mid-century modern by the likes of Neutra, Maybeck, Esherick and others, there are some fab mod day marvels by the likes of Craig Steely, House + House, and others.

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