Densities & Openings
July 22, 2008, 1:30 pm
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Doing research for our previous Google-Earth themed posts (Dwelling-Scapes and Building-Scapes) we began noticing some interesting deviations in the urban fabric of cities. Where there is density and grid, inevitably, there is also the divergence from both. We’ve tracked down a number of examples that document the anomaly of the dense, urban grid. These pattern changes become the open spaces, the parks, plazas and public realms. The images have all been taken at 3,000 feet above the Earth’s surface and have been cropped to show a square of 1,700 feet horizontally and vertically for comparison purposes. Let us know about your favs out there…

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Dam Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Soccer Field, Maputo, Mozamique

Kongens Nytorv (King’s Square), Copenhagen, Denmark

Parking Lot, Tetouan, Morocco

Cuzco Plaza, Cuzco, Peru

Broadway, New York City, USA

Townhall Center, Hamburg, Germany

Park, Seoul, South Korea

Open space, Nairobi, Kenya

Piazza Dante, Naples, Italy

Neighborhood, Mexico City, Mexico (Not really and opening but it appears to be a previous lake re-appropriated as housing and subsequently establishing it’s own exception to the gird around it.)

Allee Paul Riquet, Beziers, France

City Center, Viacha, Bolivia

Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy

Cathedral Basilica de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Parque de la Pera, Lima, Peru


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Aside from New York, Chicago and maybe Los Angeles what other U.S. city(s) share this global practice of the use of public space? It seems to be an Urban Issue, but I wonder if our social system (or lack of) has something to do with it.

By the way the Soccer Field, Maputo, Mozamique is my fav, it says something about the culture and lifestyle in just one shot. Brilliant topic.

Comment by Leandro Rolon

modern day Camillo Sitte??one of my faves is augustinerplatz, in freiburg…,7.85195&spn=0.001224,0.00338&t=h&z=19

mostly due to spending 12 months living on the NE and SW corners of it while working abroad. great place to get some sun or meet for a drink, with several beer gardens within walking distance. saw a great KTS (pro-squatter movement) protest concert here one night where the bands pulled up in trucks w/ massive speakers mounted on them and were handing out beer. cops in ful riot gear off to the side, but they were into it and dancing as well. in america, those bottles would have been tossed at the police, no doubt.

as an added bonus, it’s a fussgangerzone, so no cars to run you over.

Comment by mike

Broadway yes, but Union Square, New York City, USA would be better.

Comment by Joe

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain is my fav! How the buildings are designed to work as the envelope of the open space is fascinating to me!

Comment by Hu

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