Finnish Door Handles
August 28, 2008, 8:39 am
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In trying to attain ever greater levels of design geek-dom, we think we’ve done it this time.  That’s right, door handles from Finland.  While traveling around Finland we noticed that every significant building has gorgeous, hand-crafted, modern door handles.  It seems to be the final act on a project, that a good Finnish architect leaves his or her signature in the form of an uber-cool, custom door handle.  The metaphors here are rich… door handle as the first physical experience of a building, the interface between built-form and human being, we could go on all day… but let’s spare you the archi-speak and just get to the handles.  We’ve kept the images in black & white to focus on the form and texture.

[photos by BUILD llc]


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The progress of human evolution won’t be measured so much by our explorations of space and the oceans as to how we solve the issue of egress from a men’s room. When all doors swing out with no need to touch anything including a door handle, we will have arrived. Thank you for your focus on door handles. I’ve always been fascinated with exit tools. There must be a coffee table book somewhere.

Comment by Les Fitzpatrick

Go Finland, yay! :-)

Comment by jonttura

Les – we hear ya! The architecture of good hygiene, we’ll get to work on the post…

Comment by buildllc

Aalto was the master of the human scale in Modernism. Door handles and stair handrails are two places where we actually touch a building. Attention to detail and a nice tactile experience are required!

Comment by moderns-r-us

Did you see any of the horse hair covered doors?

Comment by moderns-r-us

We didn’t see the horse hair covered doors – send some images or links, we’re very curious…

Comment by buildllc

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