Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal
September 7, 2008, 8:03 pm
Filed under: Architecture, Seattle, Urban Architecture

Recently our good buddy Chris Patano of Patano Hafermann Architects gave BUILD a behind the scenes tour of their new Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal currently in construction at pier 91.  The structure has been designed to serve two cruise ships at once and has a footprint of 90,000 square feet.  The structure and interiors have been framed and the systems are currently being installed.  Given that the interior cover has not yet occurred, the structure is a feast for the eyes.  The 4’ diameter hvac ducts are still exposed, 25’ tall metal studs march down the walls and a sea of steel trusses cover the ceiling.  Not that the building won’t be a handsome piece of architecture when complete – but this stage of construction is always more interesting to us.  The building is more dynamic and serendipitous; the construction workers with all of their bizarre rigging and hybrid tools fill the space with excitement.  So we pulled together some photos of the space that we thought you might enjoy.

[all photos by BUILD llc]


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Great photos, you captured many unique views of the building.

Comment by Christopher

So one of you goes to Scandinavia and one goes to Pier 91? How do you decide?

Comment by KP

i stupidly passed over pH because i had taken a job.

stupid stupid stupid…

i’m pretty convinced chris is the only person in seattle open to some of the things i was doing abroad, environmentally.

he was pretty livid i declined.

Comment by mike

KP – the one who bought the ticket to parenthood usually takes the local trips.

Comment by Andrew

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