Hot Shots of the Northwest

Recently the AIA Seattle hosted an exhibit titled NEW EDGE |NEW BLOOD which introduced several up and coming young architecture firms in the northwest.  It was a significant show and the work on the walls was worth taking note of.  Today’s post takes a look at a number of these firms; get familiar with these groups – they are the future of architecture in the northwest.

PIQUE LLC 206.328.4423, 10453 66th Ave S, Seattle
There is an exhilarating language being created by the design team at Pique.  The separation of volumes, intricate massing and relationship among a variety of materials holds your full attention; at the same time the architecture peacefully fits into the context of Oregon’s dry ranchlands to the east.  The work seems to belong right where it’s at, a quality highly sought after by most homeowners and architects.

Garren Residence in Bend, OR

Pb Elemental 206.285.1464, 1916 23rd Ave S, Seattle
The hard working Rock-Stars over at Pb Elemental continue to produce work that is drammatic in form and engaging in function.  As developers, architects and builders they are blazing the trail for a new model of design-build in the northwest.  A tour of their website shows that they are up to a staggering amount of work in and around Seattle.  With projects ranging from single family to multi-family, live-work and commercial, these guys are bringing modernism to the people.

23rd Ave Live-Work

Crockett Residence

chadbourne + doss 206.860.1975, 1469 22nd Ave, Seattle
The firm is finding a handsome balance between modern design orchestrated within existing, older surroundings.  Carefully inserting sleek modern forms into antiquated structures requires a great amount of discipline and these guys are becoming masters at it.  As empty lots become increasingly scarce in the Northwest this philosophy of inserting new functions into existing spaces is not only becoming important, it’s becoming necessary.

Lobster Boat Residence in Seattle, WA

Writable Offices in Seattle, WA

Netshed Wetroom in Astoria, OR

Graham Baba Architects 206.323.9932, 1st Ave, Seattle
Their work sparks curiosity; the attention given to details and the intentional relationships between different materials creates a wonderful experience of space and form.  These are architects that understand the trades – they know what can and cannot be done with steel, glass and wood.  Their Osteria La Spiga Restaurant on Capitol Hill is a great excuse to kick the tires on some nice architecture and have some good eats.  In addition to their built work they’ve got some significant projects in development.

Beck House in Seattle, WA

Osteria La Spiga in Seattle, WA

Heliotrope Architects 5140 Ballard Ave NW Suite B, Seattle
The look of the architecture they are crafting has a sophistication rarely seen in the northwest.  As Seattle continues to climb the design savvy scale, Heliotrope will be among those leading the charge.  Stairs are among the toughest challenge for architects and these guys knock the ball out of the park with their stair designs.  Pay a visit to Alchemy Collections at 2029 2nd Ave.

Palm Desert Residence in California

Alchemy Collections

Workshop A|D 206.903.5414, 911 Western Ave, Suite 215, Seattle
In addition to a portfolio of gorgeous work, these guys win best website award out of the bunch.  Architects take note – viewers like to see big, beautiful images on your websites.  What strikes us most about the work is a sense of refined discipline.  Everything seems to have a reason for being – each jog, each material change; all carried out with elegance.  The delicate, warm interiors are balanced out with more durable, sensible exterior shells.

Nearpoint Residence in Anchorage, AK

Road D Shelter on Table Mountain, WA

Zero Plus 206.323.4009 1321 E Pine, Seattle
Rich in form and cerebral in process the work of Zero Plus is experimental and pushes northwest design into new ground.  Each project seems to stem from significant ideas and the finished forms benefit from the serendipity of process.  Delicate and intricate the work retains a sense of structural rigor.  Conscious moves to expose the nuts and bolts of the architecture allows the viewer to follow the story of each project.

Zero Plus Architects Office

Snee-oosh near Deception Pass, WA

Thanks to Ed Weinstein, Eric Cobb, Carrie Schilling and David Spiker for curating the New Edge | New Blood exhibit and bringing these firms to our attention.


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Weren’t you guys also in the New Edge show?

Comment by Keyser

I am impressed with the generosity in showcasing your peers (one might say, competitors) work. Very impressive….

Comment by Samuel

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