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February 20, 2009, 12:31 am
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There’s been a number of hot blogs coming our way lately, check em out:
the belly of an architect; good writing, nice big images and it’s full of links.


arch Daily; we suggest starting with the Brione House – rrrroww.
-thanks to Senior Field Correspondent and all around rock-star Josiah


The Art of Where; clean and sleek with plenty of sexy images.
-thanks to Dru


The Architects Newspaper; we suggest diving into the article on Cecil Balmond’s latest exhibit at the Graham Foundation in Chicago.


BUILD is on twitter, jump on board for the sneak peek at things.


The February 1st Sunday New York Times book review covered Zoe Strauss’ book “America” which includes some great photography of urban American grit.  We did a bit of homework on Strauss and stumbled on a portfolio that hits a chord of authenticity.



The work of Sete Dias takes photographs into a uber-interesting hybrid graphic context.

-thanks to Lou

The St. Antonio Church by jlcg arquitectos in Portugal brings a monastic clarity to form.  The website slideshow is really worth a tour.
-thanks to John – who continues to knock the ball out of the park


The French designer Marc Venot has developed one of the most unassuming industrial design aesthetics our eye-balls have ever seen.  His “Secret Box” seen below is one of many inconspicuous products.
-thanks to Josiah


There are a couple of new methods to get your dose of lectures without having to find a spot to parallel park.  Tune into the Stanford lectures and the pop tech lectures.  You Seattleites might check out the Blaine Brownell lecture which could just as easily be titled “Local Boy Does Good”.
-thanks to Craig

Heard of Siftables yet?  If not get on board, it’s going to be HUGE.


Also, a phenomenal lecture on the nature of genius given by Elizabeth Gilbert can be found at TED.
-thanks to Jerry

Blaine Brownell has also got a couple of websites that you should really become familiar with: Transmaterial and Transstudio.


It happens once a year, Nicholas Felton releases his “Feltron Report”, the measure of his year in graphic presentation with clean, inspiring diagrams.  Check out the online version here and buy the physical versions here.  If you are in any way involved with design, knowing Felton’s work is a requirement. (…and a tip from your friends here at BUILD – the eating and drinking categories are always filled with Manhattan’s new cool spots.)


Anytime an architect is designing the interior of a learjet they have our full attention.  Check out some of the hot, sleek work that Shelton, Mindel & Associates are up to.  Also take a look at the work of David Hertz Architects Inc. who is doing some crisp work in Santa Monica.  For a dose of some gorgeous regional work from the Pacific Northwest check out our friends over at Rex Hohlbein Architects.
-thanks to Josiah





“We live in an amazing, amazing world, and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots.” It’s in no way related to architecture or design but we though you might get kick out of this vid.
-thanks to Chris

D’Arcy Jones in Vancouver, BC has developed a line of flat-packed cabins that seems to have potential.
-thanks to John


The sharp-shooters over at The Roger Smith Hotel in New York have come up with a new concept to spread the news of their hotel.  And while the design isn’t modern – the marketing tactic is brilliantly modern: offer discounts to bloggers. (did we mention we’ve got a trip to NYC coming up in March…)

In the modern design department is the Jumbo Hostel.  Leave it to the Scandinavians to re-appropriate a Boeing 747 as a youth hostel.  Over the top hot.
-thanks to dezeen


Guys jackets with modern lines for 50 bones.  Check out Artificial Flavor.


There’s a good, clean, modern way to get rid of that old electronic <fill in the blank> you’re no longer using.  Check out for a regional list or if you’re in the Seattle area head on over to Total Reclaim.
-thanks to Donald

A BUILDblog fan sent in this photo of MUMOK in Wien.  It’s the only gable we’ve liked in a while…

-thanks to Jerry



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hohlbein’s work seems to fluctuate – some projects resonate well, others seem forced.

ortner and ortner’s mumok is an interesting project.

the “house attack” (erwin wurm) installation photos are pretty interesting.

Comment by mike

Once again, you have found a way for me to spend (certainly not waste) another half hour of my day. Love these OTR posts- among the best compilations I’ve found in the blogosphere.

Comment by Samuel

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