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We’re back from San Francisco and regret to inform you that we missed a ton of hot spots in our pre-trip research. So many in fact, that it calls for a Modern List aftermath blog-post. Work some of these into your next San Francisco outing if you can:

Blue Bottle, 315 Linden Str

There’s a cool little architecture firm right next door, Sagan Piechota, who seem to be responsible for the sharp, well-crafted storefront

Coffee Bar, 1890 Bryant Str, 415.551.8100

Universal Café, The Mission, 2814 19th Str, 415.821.4608

[Photo from Daily Feed]

Farina, 3560 18th Str, 415.565.0360

[Photo from Cooking with Amy ]

Frjtz, 579 Hayes, 415.864.7654

Zuni Café, 1658 Market Str (btwn Franklin and Gough), 415.552.2522

Local, 330 1st Str, 415.777.4200

The lobby includes a great Kitchen and Wine Merchant

Salt House, 545 Mission Str, 415.543.8900

Nida, Hayes Valley, 544 Hayes Str, 415.552.4670

Azalea, Hayes Valley, 411 Hayes Str, 415.861.9888

AB fits, North Beach, 1519 Grant Ave, 415.982.5726

Dish, 551 Hayes Str, 415.252.5997

Sean, 575 Hayes Str, 415.431.5551

Flight 001, 525 Hayes, 415.487.1001 (travel accessories)

Xanadu, 140 Maiden Lane, 415.392.9999, by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1948

[Photo by Betsy Malloy 2005 ]

For cool designer clothing: Hayes Valley, Hayes Str & Gough Str

For modern Interiors & Furnishings: Montgomery Str & Broadway Str

More recommendations on The Modern List San Francisco

Also, for food reviews and additional information we like Eater SF because they have nice big photos of the places they review and they give you the links to the restaurants.


The Modern List San Francisco

BUILD is heading to San Francisco this weekend and we’re doing our best to try and keep up with such a phenomenal town. The number of new restaurants alone has entirely overwhelmed the Modern List field research team. But here goes; the latest and greatest that should be on your radar. Many, many more on The Modern List San Francisco.

St. Regis, 125 Third Street, 415.284.4000

Best-O-Burger, 493 Pine Str (@ Belden Alley), 415.986.3808

Mixt Greens, FiDi/SoMa, 560 Mission Street, 415.543-2505

Anchor & Hope, SOMA, 83 Minna St (between 2nd St & Shaw Aly), 415.501.9100

Conduit, 280 Valencia Str (btwn 14th & Brosnan Str), 415.552.5200 by Natoma Architects

Myth, 470 Pacific Str, 415.677.8986

Nopa, 560 Divasadero Str, 415.864.8643

Terzo, 3011 Steiner Str, 415.441.3200

Serpentine, 2495 3rd Str, 415.252.2000

Slow Club, 2501 Mariposa Str, 415.241.9390


Zuppa, 564 Fourth Str, 415.777.5900

Chez Papa, Potrero Hill, 1401 18th St, 415.824.8210

S.P.Q.R., Pacific Heights, 1911 Fillmore Str, 415.771.7779

Supperclub, 657 Harrison Str, 415.348.0900

Vessel, 85 Campton Pl, 415.433.8585

Press Club, Union Square, SOMA, 20 Yerba Buena Lane, 415.494.2000

The Ambassador, 673 Str (btwn Jones & Leavenworth), 415.563.8192

also… Cav Wine Bar, 1666 Market St, 415.437.1770

California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, 415.321.8000, by Renzo Piano

San Francisco International TerminaL by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; Del Campo & Maru Architects; Michael Willis Architects, 2000

[Photo by Tim Hursley]

1234 Howard Str by Natoma Architects

Soma House, 3027 25th Street by Jim Jennings Architecture

Sunset Idea House in the Mission by John Lum

[Photo from]

Long Now Foundation, Fort Mason Center, Landmark Building A, 415.561.6582

Robert Koch Gallery, 49 Geary Str 5th Floor, 415.421.0122

San Francisco Multi-dwellings
December 17, 2007, 7:42 pm
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San Francisco map

It’s hard not be envious of San Francisco; as a city they seem to be more confident in their architectural and urban planning decisions than their neighbors to the north. They replaced their version of the Seattle Viaduct with the highly praised Embarcadero and while most cities are waiting in line to get their Frank Gehry, San Francisco has surpassed us all with the de Young Museum by Herzog & de Meuron and the soon to be completed Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano. San Francisco has also been building a respectable collection of modern multi-dwellings since the mid-nineties. Today’s blog entry looks at a few of San Francisco’s noteworthy condominium & apartment projects. For additional recommendations on San Francisco visit The Modern List.

Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects
1234 Howard Str

1234 Howard Str

1234 Howard Str

1022 Natoma Str

1022 Natoma Str

1028 Natoma Str

1028 Natoma Str

Octavia Gateway

Octavia Gateway

Yerba Buena Lofts

Yerba Buena Lofts

2002 3rd Str

2002 3rd str

Siegel & Strain Architects
7 Hallam Str

7 Hallam Str

Jim Jennings Architecture
85 Natoma Str, 1998

85 Natoma Str

85 Natoma Str

Kennerly Strong Architecture
Guerrero Street Mixed-Use Development

Guerrero Str

Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects & Paulett Taggart Architects
Plaza apartments, 6th & Howard Str

Plaza Apartments

Plaza Apartments

Who is the architect of this project?
322 6th Street

322 6th Str