Better know a neighborhood – Wedgwood, Seattle

Map Seattle

Seattle’s got some great lesser-known neighborhoods dotted with modern gems. North-east of downtown and due east of Green Lake sits the quiet but pleasantly modern neighborhood of Wedgwood. While the residential neighborhood itself is comprised of a wide range of architectural styles 35th Ave N.E., the main street running north-south in Wedgwood, is a nice tour of mid-century modernism with some contemporary additions and updates thrown in for good measure.

Map Wedgwood, Seattle

Starting from NE 65th Str and heading north on 35th Ave NE you’ll first notice the University Unitarian Church by Paul Kirk, built in 1960 (6556 35th Ave NE)

University Unitarian Church by Paul Kirk
Photo by BUILD llc

University Unitarian Church by Paul Kirk
Photo by BUILD llc

The Theodora by Robert Chervenak & Associates, 1965(6559 35th)

The Theodora by Robert Chervenak, photo by BUILD llc
Photo by BUILD llc

Seattle Public Library – North East Branch by Paul Thiry, 1954 (6801 35th Ave N.E.) We missed this one in our post on Seattle’s Other Public Libraries.
Seattle Public Library by Paul Thiry, photo by BUILD llc
Photo by BUILD llc

You’ll also pass by the Medical Clinic by Gene Zema, 1961 (6850 35th Ave NE), although we didn’t get a shot of it.

Wedgwood even has a handsome mega-chain-coffee-shop. We recommend you make it a bit more difficult for the folks at Starbucks to take over the world and get your coffee at Top Pot.

Mega-chain-coffee-shop, photo by BUILD llc
Photo by BUILD llc

Reward yourself for a successful tour of modernism at the home of the Northwest’s favorite doughnuts: Top Pot Doughnuts at 6855 35th Ave NE
Top Pot Doughnuts, photo by BUILD llc
Photo by BUILD llc


The Modern List Seattle

Map Seattle

Today we’re going to throw some more recent Seattle projects at you. Some of them are hot off the press and others have been around for several months. All are great additions to our little city. A big thanks to the restaurants that let us drop by and get a few photos.

Txori, 2207 2nd Avenue, 206.204.9771

While we’re not food critics the food here is excellent and it offers the small northern Spain tapas experience you last had after visiting the Bilbao Guggenheim. The design is kept simple and timeless – using the tidy organization of beautifully stored foods as the kitchen backdrop. The rotating art is simple and unassuming. There isn’t much elbow room but that’s precisely the authenticity you’re going there for.








Kurrent Restaurant + Bar, 600 E Pine, 206.323.1923

The interiors do a nice job of creating separate gathering areas that aesthetically relate to one another. A sleek see-through fireplace near the entry helps warm the body and spirit. The dark sumptuous structure is balanced with refreshing lime green furnishings.














Boom Noodle, 1121 E Pike Str, 206.701.9130

Boom has a policy of no interior photos (at least for us) so we won’t be showing off the slick interior – you’ll just have to experience it in person. The trendy restaurant and bar is situated in the extremely well designed Agnes loft building.


Boom Noodle




We have no idea who designed these restaurants – if you know, drop us a line, we’d love to give the architects and designers credit. For food reviews sink your teeth into this site on local restaurants.


Agnes Lofts, 1121 Pike Str (at 12th)

Clean, rational and inspiring. Weinstein Architects + Urban Designers LLC have a long track record of doing very handsome work in the northwest. The building houses 24 apartment units and ground level commercial space, including Boom Noodle restaurant.


Agnes Lofts


Agnes Lofts

Bertschi School, 2227 10th Avenue East

Miller Hull knocks the ball out of the park yet again with this regional modernist gem. The lucky elementary students attending this school will experience warm, sensible design from the get go.


Bertschi School


Bertschi School



Many, many more at The Modern List Seattle

The Commodity of Cool: Reinventing the concept of shopping
February 5, 2008, 1:40 am
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A couple of good buddies have been feeding us high-end, design concept shops like Third-Ave crack dealers. Thanks to Brian, heading up design savvy R&D operations in LA and Chase right here in town. Having faced our addiction we’ve recently graduated from our denial phase and we’re now ready to share a few hot spots.

The shop
Colette stocks one product: uber-coolness. It may come in the form of clothing, music, watches, fragrances, body care products or magazines but each product neatly displayed on Colette’s minimal shelves is born from the same common denominator. The shop cleverly mixes together a wide range of products that are in constant flux. A DJ spins in the background as you sort through mega-labels situated next to designers you’ve never heard of. Buy it if you like it, it won’t be there next time.
213 rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 Paris – France, Tel : 01 55 35 33 90




The Water Bar downstairs serves up minimal, modern dishes and drinks.

Colette Water Bar

The magazine
Monocle is a slick physical and online magazine geared toward a hungry international audience and covering a variety of sectors. In addition to current affairs, business, culture and design, Monocle includes a brief but gorgeous shopping component. The current issue highlights bikes, fragrances, and luggage, all extremely well designed and sexy.


The elusive studio you’ll probably never make it to
Studio Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe is a Dutch design studio in south-east Holland. The couple, like the Dutch in general, are so far ahead of the rest of us on the design curve that their products may not even seem desirable yet, but they will.
Raadstraat 28 K, 5666 AE Geldrop, the Netherlands

Studio Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe

“Our designs raise questions; we work with forms and products we all know, we add benefits to them to make it nowadays products without losing their own characteristics. They make you change your perspective to things, and challenge you to look at another way to the world around you.” – Niels van Eijk

Studio Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe

Studio Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe

The gallery you should visit
Droog Design has become the epicenter of innovative, fresh design. The Amsterdam showroom is scattered with the latest designs and clever ideas. Like the Marcel Wanders Knotted Chair which employs knots at just the right locations along the rope lengths so that when hung upside down the final shape of the chair is achieved, sprayed with a clear lacquer hardener, cut, flipped and ready for a sit.
Staalstraat 7a/7b, 1011 JJ Amsterdam, TEL: +31 (0) 20 5235050

Droog, Marcel Wanders Knotted Chair

Droog Design, Amsterdam

Droog Design, Amsterdam


Updates to the Modern List Manhattan

map nyc

Although we haven’t spent much time in Manhattan lately (and won’t until the heat gets turned back on) there is quite a bit of work to catch up on in the big city. We were sorry to see a couple of great modern spaces close shop (Restaurant 66, Jewel Bako Makimono, Ini Ani Coffee Shop) but a whole new crop of rocket-hot, modern interiors and exteriors have emerged. Here’s a quick primer, look for updates to The Modern List Manhattan in the near future.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar: East Village
207 Second Ave at 13th St East Village, 212.777.7773
Design-Build by Design & Construction Resources (Tsuruta & Phuah)

Momofuku & Ssam, New York

Momofuku & Ssam, New York photo by Jeremy Lieberman
Photo by Jeremy Liebman

Momofuku & Ssam, New York photo by Donna Alberico
Photo by Donna Alberico

Soto, 357 6th Ave (at Washington Pl), 212-414-3088
Design-Build by Design & Construction Resources (Tsuruta & Phuah)

Soto, New York photo by Noah Kalina
Photo by Noah Kalina

Adour: Midtown East (St. Regis Hotel) 2 E 55th Str, 212.710.2277
Design by the Rockwell Group

Adour, New York photo by Bruce Buck
Photo by Bruce Buck

Bar Blanc: West Village, 142 W 10th Str, 212.255.2330

Bar Blanc, New York photo by Noah Kalina
Photo by Noah Kalina

Rayuela: Lower East Side, 165 Allen Str, 212-253-8840

Rayuela, New York photo by Noah Kalina
Photo by Noah Kalina

Insieme: Midtown, 777 7th Ave, 212.582.1310

Insieme, New York photo by Noah Kalina
Photo by Noah Kalina

The Rose Bar: (Gramercy Park Hotel)

2 Lexington Ave (at 21st), 212.920.3300

The Rose Bar, New York

ilili restaurant: 236 5th Ave (btwn 27th & 28th), 212.683.2929

New Museum of Contemporary Art: 235 Bowery, 212.219.1222
Design by Sejima + Nishizawa / SANAA

NYU School of Medicine: 550 1st Ave
Design by Perkins Eastman

Porsche Design Shop: Midtown, East 624 Madison Ave (between 58th St & 59th St)

The Modern List Seattle

There are a few hot items new to Seattle that we want to get up on the blog. First and foremost we finally have our light-rail transit. Since December 12th the brightly colored streetcars have been making their way from south Lake Union to Westlake.  There’s hope for Seattle yet…

Seattle streetcar

Our good friend Josiah tipped us off to the Inhabit project which proposes modern, modular apartment living. The demo rooftop pod located at Rainier Square can be toured via appointment.

Inhabit Seattle

Queen Anne’s How to Cook a Wolf is a calm, warm, intimate, modern space. All reviews point to the food being phenomenal. Our quick peek at the interiors reminded us a bit of Butter in NYC.

How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle

How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle

Noteworthy local restaurants are popping up all over Seattle lately. While most of them don’t exude modernism from a visual standpoint they are quite progressive in their concept. You know, in that get back to farm fresh food in a community focused sort of way. The restaurants that deserve mention are small scale, chef-owned and have established strong connections with individual farms around the area. Plates tend to be smaller and sharing is typically the protocol. Often there isn’t a menu, but rather a chalkboard explaining what came from the farm today and how it’s being prepared. Here are a couple of our favorites:


Tilth in Wallingford. Chef Maria Hines also runs a nice blog
Sitka & Spruce in Eastlake
Pair north of the University District

And for you foodies out there, make sure and check out our new favorite Seattle restaurant review website: eating-seattle

The Modern List Amsterdam
January 14, 2008, 12:51 pm
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Amsterdam plan

I believe I entirely wore through a pair of shoes on a recent trip to Amsterdam. Subsequently we’re feelin pretty good about The Modern List Amsterdam (21KB download). One of the advantages of the long, cold, gray winters seems to be a well developed collection of modern interiors. In addition to being a modern design epicenter of the world, Amsterdam has an abundance of uber-cool restaurants, lounges and cafes. Here are some highlights:

The Lloyd Hotel provides inspiring lodging, food and drink all in a handsome remodel of a historic emigrant’s hotel. The architects did a remarkable job of designing in the new without getting in the way of the traditional.

Lloyd Hotel

Restaurant 11 sits atop the Stedelijk Museum and is quite possibly the coolest place to be in town. It’s so cool they may not even be able to seat you for lunch. Have a drink anyway and take in the view.

Restaurant 11

Walem is a nicely designed café/bar behind an original Gerrit Rietveld façade. The interior has some nice Rietveld touches like the three-tube pendant lamp.


A centrally located hot spot for dinner is Brasserie Harkema – it’s well designed, fun, colorful and full of beautiful people.

Brasserie Harkema

Wine bars are becoming more popular in Amsterdam – we recommend dropping by Vyne for a glass or two prior to dinner a few doors down at Envy.


Check out the Mansion for after dinner drinks with the cool kids.

Mansion, Amsterdam

ARCAM is a good place to check in – the building should be on every designer’s tour, they also have good architectural resources.

ARCAM, Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House is a very well-crafted building nestled into a traditional context.

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

Bimhuis is Amsterdam’s new Jazz concert hall. It’s been termed by the designers as the box in the box in the box. Amongst all the boxes it has a phenomenal view of the harbor and of course a quaint, well designed café.

Bimhuis, Amsterdam

The Bimhuis is accessed via a super hot inverted cable foot-bridge

Bimhuis Bridge, Amsterdam

The Moevenpick Hotel was designed by Dutch hotshots Claus en Kaan.

Moevenpick Hotel, Amsterdam

The bridge tour is probably more fun in the summer time but the Borneo Sporenburg Bridge is interesting enough that it just might merit a frost-biting trip out to the harbor.

Borneo Sporenburg Bridge, Amsterdam

You’d be delinquent to miss Droog design – it’s situated on the design saturated Staalstraat (the Nijhof & Lee design bookshop is just a few doors down).

Droog Design, Amsterdam

For contact with the introverted locals we recommend getting a few items on the agenda through Like a Local. They arrange boat tours, dinners and architectural tours.

As always let us know what we missed…

The Modern List Paris
December 23, 2007, 4:55 pm
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TML Paris Header

This year BUILD is taking a holiday from the holidays. Our water-logged founder, Kevin, has had it with the rain and will head south to Mexico. Andrew, being a glutton for rain drenched cultures, will head to northern Europe for a quick tour. In doing our travel homework we’re working on several mini modern lists, the first release is Paris. We’ve generated a quick & dirty two-page list of things hot and modern from hotels to restaurants to landscapes, download it here (18k .pdf): The Modern List Paris. As always the list isn’t comprehensive or complete, just a bunch of our favorite modern places (places not to be missed are in red). Enjoy and let us know your recommendations. Here are some highlights:

9 Hotel

9 Hotel

Everland Hotel

Everland Hotel

Kube Hotel

Kube Hotel

Café Beaubourg

Cafe Beaubourg

Restaurant Georges



Restaurant Etienne-Marcel


Restaurant Market




Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou

Murano Restaurant & Lounge


Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck

Bibliotheque de France

Bibliotheque de France

Bibliotheque de France

Maison de Verre

Maison de Verre

Villas la Roche-Jeanneret

Villas la Roche-Jeanneret

Parc de la Villette

Parc de la Villette

Passerelle Solferino Bridge

Solferino Bridge